Does Linda Allen’s Book Really Works?

Hey friends,

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Yeast Infection No More and how effective it is… and for good reason, it is currently the number 1 selling book to cure yeast infections available on the Internet. But sales figures aside, I wanted to find out WHY this was so successful.

Will it really cure your yeast infection within 12 hours?
Is it really going to prevent all future outbreaks?

There are many bold claims made in this book and it’s my intent to figure out if there’s any truth to it.

My story:
As you know, nothing is worse than having to deal with the itching, burning and swelling of yeast infections on a day to day basis.

For me, I found this condition crippling. I’ve been suffering from yeast infections for the past 11 years and my husband has also suffered from them for the past 6. When you breakout, it totally throws you off. You feel dirty, irritated, uncomfortable, and it makes intimacy a real problem as well, it’s a very embarrassing condition to have!


So What Did I Do?

I tried all sorts of treatments to clear it up. One of the first things I tried were over the counter treatments like Monistat and Canesten, unfortunately for me, they only intensified the itching and burning and made it impossible for me to fall asleep!

I also tried oral meds like Diflucan (which left me with some nasty side effects) and many natural solutions like yogurt, garlic, buttermilk, cranberry juice, tea tree oil, grapefruit and the candida diet, none of the treatments worked well enough though.

I figured I was a lost cause and that I was just going to have to get used to it. One day however I happened across the “Yeast Infection No More” by Linad Allen on the Net and in a last ditch attempt. I never thought anything would come of it, but I decided to give it a go.

I was surprised by just how effective the solution was though!

After putting into practice the simple home remedies provided, I started to feel better and notice a reduction in my swelling, burning and itching within hours. A couple of days later and my yeast infection cleared up completely as far as I could tell, there was no more visible signs or tell-tale smells down below and the white film on my tongue faded away.
The great thing about this solution is it’s been able to keep the yeast from returning and so far I’ve been able to live without fear of the yeast returning.

A Look At The Book…

The Yeast Infection No More is a book that was written by Sarah Summer, a health researcher and editor of a medical publication. She mentions how she has suffered from chronic yeast infections all her life. She was told by her doctor that “It was impossible to cure” yet despite this, she set out on a quest with her husband, who was also a medical researcher in search of a solution.
After speaking with disease experts, doing copious amounts of medical research as well as spending several thousands of dollars, she finally arrived at her solution, a solution which she claims is all-natural, safe and effective CURE.


So What’s The Secret?

Well, it wouldn’t be right for me to give the treatment away, but the basic premise behind it is to get to the ROOT of the problem rather than offering a band-aid solution.

Sarah explains that a lot of the over-the-counter medications you find are just band-aid solutions. The yeast that you have comes in two forms, roots and spores. Over-the-counter meds will never eliminate the spores. So although you will clear the symptoms, the underlying cause remains and you keep getting future flare-ups.
These spores can remain dormant in you for years and flare up at ANY time…
The reason why Sarah’s solution has been working so well is because her treatment method kills the spores, naturally and without side-effects, that is the main thing that separates it from other treatments.

That and the fact that it works in less than a day, but are people actually being “CURED”? I did some searching to find the answer to this and came across some testimonials.

The majority of those who have tried and stuck to the program have all mentioned the same, this treatment has helped quickly eliminate and prevent any further yeast infections.

Here’s What’s In The Package:

  • Instant Access to download Yeast Infection No More
  • The step-by-step guide to permanently cure yeast infections
  • Treatment methods for pregnant women, babies, men, children and elderly
  • Information on the symptoms, the signs and the causes of yeast infections
  • Two Free Bonus Books – “Lessons From The Miracle Doctors” and “Rapid Stress Relief”
  • Access to a private members only website
  • Free, unlimited 1 on 1 consultation
  • 8 Week Money Back Guarantee

Final Thoughts?

With so much positive feedback, satisfied customers and the money back guarantee, there pretty much isn’t any reason NOT to try it out for yourself. If you’re struggling with a yeast infection, the Yeast Infection No More definitely offers something new to the table over your standard cremes and suppositories.

The simplicity and effectiveness of the solution is pretty impressive and it’s definitely going to save me a lot of money in the future. If you’ve got a yeast infection you need to put an end to, you can pretty much get the book now and start putting the techniques to use right away.

But if you want to get rid of your yeast infection fast, make sure you get the Yeast Infection No More while it’s still on sale, for a short time they’re giving you an extra $10 off, click the link below to learn more.